Luggage Warehouse has been in the luggage business for about a million years (okay, since 1998). Since our mothership landed in Access Park, Kenilworth, Cape Town, we’ve grown like crazy and opened further stores in Willowbridge, Tygervalley. Being Type-A people, we also launched a website, extending our savings to the rest of South Africa. The website is always being redeveloped and updated with technology from the future (sometimes we pre-order stuff), with the ultimate aim of becoming the No.1 online outlet for top-quality branded luggage at the very best prices.

Our formula is simple:

  1. Close relationships with our suppliers
  2. Large volume orders
  3. Fantastic service and attention to detail
  4. Death rays for competitors*

We’ve used these principles with great success in our brick-and-mortar stores, and now we’re extending the philosophy to our online shop, and extending our savings to the whole of South Africa.

This industry is constantly evolving, and we think it’s exciting stuff (what can we say, we like luggage). You can be sure that we’ll be getting all the most awesome luggage and travel accessories to you through our online store or a shop opening near you.

Safe Travels
*NB: We do not use, nor condone the use of death rays.