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Aurora Sling Handbag



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The days of wondering if your handbag matches your outfit are officially over! The new Aurora handbag features a specialised reflective material that changes colour based on the angle it is being looked at.

It is quite magical and almost impossible to explain. In "darkened" conditions, the handbag is a dark steely grey but when light hits it at certain angles, it changes to a prism of blues, purples and greens. The Shoulder Sling bag features a long gunmetal chain with compact storage in the bag - all closed securely with a zipper There are internal pockets to help you organise your life as well.

It has to be seen in the flesh to be believed. Oh, and if you really want a fancy trick, take a picture of it with your phone's flash on and you'll see some AMAZING results. No night out with a handbag will ever be the same.

The Aurora range comes in 3 styles. The Shoulder Sling shown here is also available as the larger Shopper Handbag as well as a compact evening Clutch Purse.


  • Main compartment Zipper closure
  • Stylish and cool design, the color changes with the light showing off a lot of personality
  • A lovely compact bag that can be worn as a cross body or simple "over-the-shoulder" handbag.
  • High-quality materials and compact capacity, durable and easy to accommodate a variety of daily necessities
  • Material: 

    Geometric Luminous Material


    27 × 7 × 18 cm


    12 Months Warranty