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Luggage Glove Diamond Large



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The NEW Luggage Glove MESH design is an upgrade on the previous LG2 and LG4 models. a new "3D-Mesh" fabric has been used along with higher thread stitching to improve both the strength and the Glove's ability to protect with extra padding.

The extra stretch in the material gives a more versatile fit to your suitcase and the TSA system conveniently locking your Glove at the bottom of the bag is wrapped up to prevent any potential damage during transport.

This SA-born idea was designed to improve security, protect your belongings and be easily identifiable. We think this has been achieved.

This LARGE size will comfortably fit 75cm - 85cm in upright suitcase height and is best suited to trolleys and spinners.

Luggage Glove. Lock. Protect. Recognise.


- LARGE: comfortably fits most suitcases between 75cm and 85cm measured in vertical height.
- Built in 3-dial TSA combination lock. Set your own code.
- Easy access: trolley handle, wheels and side carry handles used as originally intended.
- Specialised 3D-Mesh fabric - incredibly strong with additional padding to protect your case during travel.
- Bottom velcro strap: designed to package your case snugly whilst protecting the lock during transport.
- Side carry handles: access points for you and baggage handlers to grab the suitcase
- Name Tag: marking area for your name and contact details.
- Instruction manuals: how to fit and set your combination code.
- Different colours and print designs available when in stock.


12 months Manufacturing