About us

Luggage Warehouse has been proudly servicing Cape Town travellers since 1998. In that time, we've expanded our reach to the rest of South Africa with our e-commerce platform - now in its 5th generation!

We don't wish to be just another luggage retailer or e-tailer. Anyone can copy and paste websites nowadays so it is vital for us to remain relevant to our existing customer base and newcomers. We want to bring 20 years experience to a digital platform where you not only are offered the best price we can but also the best advice.

We hope you will enjoy your shopping experience as well as our much-loved staff's input and opinions. In some cases, we'll also have customer reviews on our products and we hope it will give you a balanced understanding of what you are looking at.

It goes without saying that our support and appreciation of your purchase is a given and we are sure it will bring you back for more when you need it again.

We wish you safe and happy travels!