About us

Since 1998, Luggage Warehouse has been the go-to choice for travellers in Cape Town and across South Africa, thanks to our advanced 6th generation e-commerce platform. We're also expanding - our first Johannesburg store opens in April 2024 giving us quicker delivery times country-wide and plenty of floorspace for ur Gauteng customers to browse and feel.

We’re more than just a luggage retailer. We're committed to combining two decades of expertise with competitive pricing and professional advice in our digital storefront. We've got interactive QR code systems to use in-store, keeping you up-to-date with reviews, current specials and YouTube videos.

Enjoy a seamless shopping experience, enriched by our expert staff's insights and comprehensive customer reviews, designed to help you make informed decisions.

Your satisfaction and continued support mean the world to us, and we're dedicated to ensuring your shopping journey is just the beginning of your safe and happy travels.