7 day Peace-of-Mind Policy:

We know that buying awesome things on the internet is worrying, because you don’t get to see or touch what you’re getting beforehand. We’re aiming to get rid of that worry. We’ll pick up and refund you for any unused products that you thought looked cool on the internet, but doesn’t really do it for you in real life. Just drop us a line within seven days of our delivery to you, and we’ll pick up any unused* products from you for free and refund you when it gets back to our warehouse.

* ‘Unused’ means:

  • Physically undamaged.
    Tags and marketing material attached.
    In original packaging – ready for pickup.

Luggage Warehouse stocks the best and we also aim to provide the best back-up service in the business. All of the products that we buy are backed up by a guarantee. Obviously, all these are limited to manufacturing faults of the bags, so we can’t replace anything that you’ve used improperly, like storing crayfish in your backpack, or rolling down a hill inside your suitcase. The guarantee period is the only difference between the items being purchased. Top Brand names usually have 3 year guarantees and some on some products it even lasts as long as 10 years.

If something we sell you gets damaged, it’s vital you understand the difference between two kinds of failure:

Manufacturing fault:
This occurs when zippers get damaged, stitching comes undone or retractable wheel arms stop functioning for example. Any damage to your bag that is a result of a manufacturing issue will be covered by the supplier's guarantee.

Third Party Damage:
Unfortunately, our bags are not guaranteed against airline damage - structural damage or marking. However, it is the airline's responsibility to reimburse you or repair your article if there is damage to your baggage. This needs to be done within 7 days of your landing and taken up directly with the airline involved .

Should you be placed in an inconvenient situation of damage to your bags overseas, many of our products have international dealerships - be sure to get a list of countries when you are in our store.

Finally, we will always do our best to help out. Should you have any damaged goods that need repair we often have spares from our suppliers that can be utilized with an outsourced repair centre to fix your luggage. A nominal fee will be charged for this if your luggage falls out of the guarantee period.