Have vaccine, will travel!

While the world has been in paralysis for the last 12 months, vaccine manufacturers have been hard at work developing and producing vials of juice that will hopefully inject our problems away.

The travel industry has been particularly hard hit when it comes to feeling the shock of COVID-19. From airlines to hotels to taxi operators to luggage retailers (ahem!), the industry and related services have been hanging on a precipice. The foothold that is needed is a vaccine to certify that travellers are safe. We see it as the new “yellow fever” certificate that will be mandatory for you passport.

There can be no denying thought that the travel itch is there and the desire to scratch it has become more difficult to ignore as our liberties are curtailed. Of course there will be many questions: “how long will this take to roll out?”; “Will my medical aid pay for it?”; “who gets first?”…

It is an incredible feat how quickly these vaccines have been developed, approved and rolled out. Lets hope it hits our shores soon so the jab becomes a new passport to sunny beaches, snowy mountains, deserts, rivers, floodplains and all the rest that make our lives such a joy.